Are you wondering if organic hair dyes actually work? If they are over priced and under deliver?

Aren’t they a bit “woo woo”, made of vegetable dye and couldn’t possibly lighten your hair to a pale blonde?

After speaking with clients, friends and ladies in general about hair colouring and hair products, you wouldn’t be alone with those thoughts! However, the word on the street seems to be…..

Women understand they need to reduce their toxic load on their bodies through safer hair and beauty products for their optimal long-term health and that of the environment.

BUT they don’t believe there are any products out there that would actually work and deliver the same or better results than the toxic products they use now.

AND they are totally confused and don’t trust what most companies claim as being authentically safe and low toxicity.

As self-confessed health freaks and a lovers of all things safe, organic and most specifically hair products, we too, (even as professionals in the field) have found it tough to weed through the good products and bad. The authentic and the marketing hype and have a found a hair colour and styling range that we truly love and are passionate about, and here’s why……

  • There’s no dangerous and unpleasant fumes (NATULIQUE is 100% Ammonia free permanent hair colour)
  • It’s extremely gentle due to a high content of organic extracts and natural oils.
  • 100% grey coverage.
  • A special long lasting formula ensures a long-life colour result.
  • It is easy to switch products as handling and performance is superior to the colours I was using before.
  • 100% recyclable packaging from sustainable fibre and material.

We, at Atone Wellness have been beyond excited to find this professional brand!

With benefits like these, wouldn’t it be worth a trip to the unknown and see how an organic salon experience could benefit your hair and your health too.

Good health is the sum of what you put “on” and “in” your body. xx